Restoration Results

This is why Group Restoration gets asked back.

“As adult education goes, Deb gets it. She did extremely well keeping our focus and recognizing when to allow time for us to absorb. She also engaged us as learners rather than lecture as students.”

“This class was very effective because we walked away with useful, realistic tools to start using tomorrow.”

“From start to finish the flow was strong, clear and useful. The practical examples were extremely helpful – I only wish I had recorded everything you said.”

“This program was much more than I ever expected. It not only taught me how to be a better manager to others, but also how to better manage myself with less stress. And this I like.”

“I like that I personally feel more confident in my role as manager now. I also really liked the open nature of the classes, which made everyone feel like part of the group.”

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Restoration Results
From Lucy Prashker, Managing Partner, Cain Hibbard & Myers PC
"Deb Blatt has served as our most trusted advisor for well over a decade. She is a master of organizational dynamics, able to find paths for solving seemingly intractable problems. Deb has a natural talent for engaging folks at every level of an organization to work to improve behaviors and performance. Her grace, humor and common sense approach are irresistible. Deb can make any organization a better one."